Pentaprism is all about building brands through people. We support some of the finest brands in Singapore in creating engaging portraits because for most of our clients - it’s the people that makes the difference.

Over the years, we’ve photographed CEOs in their boardrooms, chefs in their kitchen, staff members of ten to hundreds, and hosted numerous prolific individuals all with one clear objective in mind - that they don’t look like they came off a photo-booth but don’t look like a glamour model with picture perfect skin.

In the end, it’s really is about being natural plus that hint of personality that makes our portraits a little different. So have a look at our work and we’ll hope to be of service!


Corporate Headshot and Portrait Photography at Pentaprism Singapore

Pentaprism Corporate Photography and Headshot Studio is founded by Portrait Photographer Ejun Low. Known for his award-winning studio portraits, Ejun founded Pentaprism to extend his artistic vision to his corporate clients. Joined by Professional Portrait Photography Rhys Ngo in 2014, Rhys has been leading Pentaprism’s corporate division and continues to service clients across various industries in need of a stellar portrait. With services including Corporate Portraits, Location Portraits, Fashion and Beauty Photography as well as Food and Interior photography, we are a team of Professional Photographers in Singapore who offers more synergy with our reliable studio management team and latest professional hardware and softwares facilities.

Pentaprism and the Professional Photographers Association (Singapore)

Pentaprism is a committee member in the Professional Photographers Association (Singapore) and advocates professional practice for photographers in Singapore. Through the association, they advance aspiring photographers by providing knowledge on industry and business practices as a means to grow and expand the photography industry and image standards in Singapore.